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Product Videos, Online Shop
Pana’s marketing target was on one hand to increase sales on their online shop platforms and on the other hand to increase brand awareness and customer relationships. In order to achieve those targets we produced 12 product videos, including social media adaptation for Facebook and Instagram, and social media photos.


Concept, Directing, Camera-  Sandra Noll
Camera Assistant – Anna Kenzian
Postproduction: Shir Katz
Model: Sophia Schafranek
Fotos: Golden Hour Pictures

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Social Media Photos

(c) Golden Hour

Behind the Scences

(c) Golden Hour

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We believe that every company is different and deserves a tailored offer of high quality. Together we will develop a package that covers your needs and brings you one step closer to your marketing goals.

Our standard content production package includes:

  • Brand kick-off workshop
  • Developing your impact-driven message
  • Concept, story & script development
  • Preproduction & shootplaning
  • Video & photo production on set
  • Video postproduction
  • Music implementation

Available extras: development of content formats & brand-aligned Canva templates, social media guidelines, voice-over, sound design, and much more

Tailored packages, quote on request

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