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Break free from insecurities and unclarity.
Everything you need to know about content that converts.

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✖ You are creating content for a while, but it isn’t creating the traction you desire?
✖ You took already an online course on how to create content, and realized sitting in front of Canva or Photoshop that you still have unclarity?
✖ You know you need a solid positioning but it’s hard for you to find the right angle?
✖ It’s hard for you to rest and be at ease because your marketing activities aren’t bringing you as many potential clients as you desire?
✖ It’s hard for you to define your USP and market your skills and methods?
Guess what:
You are just one decision away to change this.
Let me be your unfair advantage and missing link.

From producing over 500 videos and commercials screened on social media, cinema, TV, and all over Austria’s public billboards, I learned the following:

Producing impactful content is more than throwing your offer in a content format.
I produced videos with an organic reach from 15K up to 90K views. Without paying a cent for advertisement.
With small and big audiences. From big firms to small companies, NGOs, and social enterprises. I’ve seen it all. All successful stories I told through videos and visual content had one thing in common. It’s the thing that makes us human, so obvious that we could easily forget it: our emotions.

What was possible for my clients, is also possible for you.

We need more companies who leave a positive mark on this planet. We need more people who care about a sustainable future. We need more people like you- who contribute to this vision with their business day by day. Imagine a world where more people like you become wildly successful. How would our planet look like?
When I started working in the media sector 9 years ago, I soon realized how the attention game works. The big ones who have nothing to say, invest huge amounts of money to make them look brilliant and flawless. The small ones with a message the world needs to hear, lack the skills, know-how, and resources to get it out in the world.
Let’s change the game!

What it really needs so that your content and business can thrive:

Strong Purpose

Strong Purpose

The times are over were having a good product or service is enough to be recognized in the market. Nowadays more and more customers are seeking for companies they can identify with through shared values. They are interested in your story, and what you have to say. A strong purpose isn’t just making your communication cristal clear but fostering as well the emotional connection with your audience which makes you memorable.

Clear Positioning

Clear Positioning

Your positioning is the promise you give to your client. You can’t be everybody darling. But you can be the perfect fit for your ideal customer. The clearer we get here, the easier it will be to build a memorable brand and to create content that leaves a mark in the social media landscape.

Cohesive Branding

Cohesive Branding

Your visual appearance speaks a thousand words before you do. Your branding is like your digital business card and the first impression you make. We all know how short the attention span has become in the online world. Make your first impression count.

Content Strategy

Content Strategy

It’s easy to lose ourselves in the endless of options and new trends the social media landscape has to offer. Knowing which strategy fits to your brand personality and target audience is key. If it doesn’t feel like “you”, it’s not yours. Authenticity is the foundational part of every sustainable content strategy that will bring you the results you desire.

Emotional Storytelling

Emotional Storytelling

Emotional storytelling has become an integral tool when it comes to effective content marketing. It’s hard to increase your reach when you don’t know what is moving your audience emotionally. Understanding your audience on a psychological level, will not only provide more value for your potential customers, it’s also the way to build a strong community which is the cornerstone of a strong brand and sustainable revenue,

Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset

Every hero has many quests to master before he reaches his final destination. Having a beginner’s mind with an expansive growth mindset will help you to see every failure as an opportunity to learn, and continue stronger on your quest. Your purpose and vision for the future will let you endure challenges and will keep you focused. Effective content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. So be gentle with you on your journey to mastery,

All of this you will learn in my mentoring program

Content Mastery Hard Facts

  • 8-week 1:1 mentoring journey
  • 6 1:1 session à 90 minutes
  • Exercises between our sessions
  • The last 2 weeks of the program are creation weeks, you implement and get immediate feedback
  • E-Mail, Telegram, or slack support
    (within our office hours)

On top, you will get ``the content playbook``.
An asthetic 150 pages e-book packed with all you've learned, guides, content calender and much more

Worth: 49€

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Content Mastery
Programm Insights

Session 1:

Your foundation – Purpose & Positioning

In this workshop, we take care of your solid foundation. Based on your corporate values, we formulate your corporate purpose, your vision, and your mission. These 3 elements will be your north star and the base on all marketing measures. In the second step, we write your positioning statement, also known as  brand promise. From now on, your customers will know at first glance what your company has to offer and what makes you unique.

Session 2:

Your unfair advantage- USP & Target Audience

In this workshop, we dive deep into the mind of your ideal customer. We create a client avatar as precise as if you would read in their journal. We will cover the different awareness levels of your customer and develop strategies to frame your content and messaging to each stage. After this workshop, you will never worry again, if your content is to complex, to simple or not relevant enough for your audience.

Session 3:

Creating a brand they can’t ignore- Brand Personality & Emotional Storytelling

Now we know who you are, what you do, and why you do it. Now it’s time to express this in every cell of your business. In this workshop, we determine how you want to be seen and which lasting impression you want to create. We will dive deep into your visual appearance, your wording, and the overall energy you want to express. You will walk out of this workshop with all questions answered to create a memorable brand.

Session 4:

Understanding your ideal client inside out

Emotional storytelling has become an integral tool when it comes to effective content marketing. It’s hard to increase your reach when you don’t know what is moving your audience emotionally. Understanding your audience on a psychological level, will not only provide more value for your potential customers, it’s also the way to build a strong community which is the cornerstone of a strong brand and sustainable revenue,

Session 5:

Developing a strategy that reflects your brand

We determine which platform we will focus on first and develop a content strategy that will get you where you want to be. You will get an overview of different content formats and their usage in platforms like Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook. You will learn how to find the right formats fitting to your brand and your ideal customers’ needs, and how to create them.

Session 6:

Creating content that has your signature

Together we will work on your first content pieces- from start to finish.
After this session, you will have a clear workflow and never worry again if the content you are creating is relevant, good structured or on point with its wording. Maximum clarity. Maximum efficiency.

What our previous mentees have to say:


``one of the most
important mentorships
I've ever booked``

Before being mentored by Sandra, I had a rough idea about my appearance and why I wanted to do my business. I didn’t have a real plan, including how to position my company. It was only with Sandra’s support that I was able to get out of the ” loose ends”, develop a common thread and now see how everything builds on each other. Earlier doubts as to whether I am on the right path no longer exist today. It just feels absolutely right! For me and my business, it was an incredible transformation and one of the most important mentorships I’ve ever booked. I would recommend it to anyone without reservation.
Benjamin Jenner
Growth & Leadership Expert

``a solid foundation
for my business``

I thank Sandra very much for her distinct ability to read between the lines. Thus, she has empathetically and firmly supported me in building a solid foundation for my business. Thanks to her support, my positioning as a transformation expert is a breeze. Purpose, vision and brand personality go hand in hand and that is wonderful. I can apply the many tips around content production from the mentoring program, for example, video and photo creation very well in my everyday business life!”
Marlen Marks
CEO & Transformation Coach
Marks for future GmbH

`` We are now much better at expressing ourselves``

Before our mentoring sessions with Sandra, we had the tendency to share way too much information and details about our solution and no defined persona or marketing language. We are now much better at expressing ourselves in a way that represents our brand and talks to the target audience based on the personas that we’ve identified – driving curiosity and engagement. I can recommend a mentoring program with Sandra for any entrepreneur/ company that has great skills within the team but is missing solid marketing experience. Highly recommended!”

Mike van Wijhe
Founder Treety

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