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The Talentgarden community consists out of more than 3.500 members across 26 campuses in 8 countries. Their mission is to boost digital and innovative companies through acceleration programs and their global community. WIth the opening of the first TAG space in Vienna, TAG seeked for social media and content creation support to promote this new chapter.

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Hard Facts

Workscope: 5 Social Videos
Length: between 1.30 – 2.30 Minutes

Our Tasks

Concept & Directing
Production (3 Shot days with 5 start-ups)
Postproduction (Editing, Color Correction, Music)



WeBound Markting (Concept, Preproduction, Translation, Distribution)


The aim was to create a social video serie which portraits the unique start-ups and companies who are part of the TAG coworking space. Telling their story was an integral part of the marketing strategy to attract similar companies who want to be part of this thriving community.


Together with our partner Webound Marketing, Talentgarden selected start-ups which are a perfect fit for this social video serie. During 3 full shooting days we managed to capture the story of 5 start-ups. All videos are shot at the co working space, so our main challenge was to bring variation into all stories and bring out the uniqueness of every single start-up. We did this through interview driven stories were the viewer can connect with the protagonist and also their ambition to be part of an larger community like TAG.


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