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The vision of Routes Europe is to bring the european community closer to its citizens. Positive experiences amongst the european countries is the best basis for growing empathy, cooperation and freedom in Europe and so the idea was born: for all people who are not travelling through Europe, Routes will bring Europe to them. This big event happens every spring in Vienna and offers participants the possibility to explore 15 European countries in a single day – all without leaving Vienna.



The Routes Europe video campaign was designed to help the key partner organisations show their support for the european community and help them gain visibility for the important work they do every day. In addition Routes Europe wanted to convey this beautiful message to every one through video impressions of each of the 15 stations and the mood during the whole event. The aim was to produced an after movie which is reaching Routes Europe’s audience and inspire more people to participate for 2019.




We supported Routes with 10 interview videos where we engaged the partner organisations and help them to tell their vision of Europe and why they are supporter of Routes. The concept was to show the unity of all the partners in supporting the European vision by having them answer 5 key questions.

To increase the reach of the Routes Europe Event, an event after movie was produced which provides glimpses of this great day for people who did not attend and bring back fond memories for those who did. We captured all 15 country stations within this day, and followed the participants on their journey along the different route.

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