PACS is a non profit organisation on the island of Koh PhaNgan in Thailand which provides nursing & hospital care for stray and wild animals that need medical assistance. Due to the increasing number of tourists on the island Koh Phangan and the great availability of food from animal-loving tourists to animals, the population has been boosted to unnatural numbers. The stress of fighting for survival in this overpopulated environment results in many injuries which quickly fester in the humid, tropical climate. Besides the fighting wounds road traffic accidents and strychnine poisoning are the most common emergencies seen at PACS. In addition strays also often struggle with diseases including skin diseases caused from parasites or allergies, so they need professional help to test out the cause with following health treatment plan.
PACS takes great care to cover this wide range of emergencies to help the homeless animals which would end up otherwise on their own. The biggest problem solver to minimise the suffering though is the humanely population control through sterilisation.

PACS Thailand Volunteer


[box]1) To keep Koh Phangan rabies free through vaccination.
2) To control the dog and cat population through neutering stray animals and promoting
the neutering of owned animals.
3) To provide free nursing care to the islands stray, temple and wild animals.
4) To educate the public about responsible pet ownership.[/box]


PACS has been steadily increasing the number of stray cat and dog sterilisations over the years and as a result, a visible reduction in the number of street, beach and temple dogs can be noticed. However, Koh Phangan still has kittens and puppies being born on the streets of the island, with no home and nobody to care for them.


A full time Thai veterinarian would enable PACS to double their monthly sterilisation rate from an average of 30 per month up to 60. This means a double of the impact in reducing the number of animals born in the streets with no place to go. To realize their vision it is important to provide a regular income that will pay a modest veterinarian’s salary and also cover the extra medication costs.

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What else can I do to help?



If you would like to support the work of PACS, maybe you are also interested in a volunteer program in paradise. On the beautiful island you will find a nice time out beside all the meaningful working which will shape your volunteer daily routine. For PACS it is really important to provide a good balance between volunteer work and free time, so you will have enough time to explore the island, have a insight in Thai culture and make new friends. There are various positions you can choose from, in order to find the right work in alignment with you skill set.
You don’t need to worry if you are unsure which work fits best to you, if you want to help there will be a place for you- the most important skill is your love for animals!


PACS requires Clinic Assistants to be able to meet the needs of the island’s animals:
this role is a structured position for long-term volunteers which means a 2 months commitment.

In total the clinic assistant team consist of 4 volunteers, who are sharing the weeks between each other, and only 2 of them working every day – this schedule is designed to maximise island enjoyment! Training is provided on arrival, and team support is available at all times. However PACS Clinic Assistants are expected to become independent & responsible members of the PACS team.

The position of Clinic Assistant varies from day to day, as we never know what animal/situation is going to come though our gates.  There are, however, also scheduled daily & weekly tasks which include:

[box]- walking dogs
– feeding all in-patients
– cleaning & laundry
– socialising puppies
– tick-picking & spraying
– giving treatment to ill or recovering animals
– assisting the nurse & patient restraint
– education of the public
– fundraising
– catching & transporting stray animals
– photography
– gardening
– instrument scrubbing
– swab cutting & folding
– administration and more![/box]

In return for your help, PACS may be able to offer discounted accommodation, depending on availability, for only 2,500THB per month, which includes fast wifi, electricity, drinking water, tea, coffee & milk.

This is a unique opportunity to make the most of your time abroad:

  • involve yourself fully in the daily life of a Thai island
  • get to know the super intelligent and resilient Thai Dog
  • become fully involved in the healing processes of our patients
  • and experience the immense satisfaction of a previously injured animal, returning home healthy, knowing you were a big part of their recovery process 🙂

So what are you waiting for?
If you want to apply please send a mail to:
– full name
– age & nationality
– intended volunteering dates
– previous animal related experience
– why you would like to be a PACS volunteer
– email addresses for at least 2 referees
*applicants must be at least 21 years old.


PACS has two different positions for nurses: Head Nurse and Volunteer Nurse.

The Head Nurse position runs on a 2-year contract, and is working closely with the Volunteer Nurses who are there to assist with the on-going clinical demands.  Both positions take commitment and a real passion for helping animals. As a nurse, you will come face to face with some truly horrifying cases, but you will also witness the amazing strength of the Thai dogs and cats and will feel enormous satisfaction to return them, after you have been a crucial part of their recovery.

You are interested? Find out more about the Vet Nurse program here


You can be a part of the PACS team no matter where you are and help this passionate organization whether it is as an onsite volunteer on the beautiful Thai island or as a virtual volunteer who can spare an hour or two to assist us remotely.

Skills which are appreciated:
[box]- social media content creators
– videographers
– animators
– designers
– editors
– writers
– web developers
– musicians
– and the list goes on[/box]

Planed Projects
Since the mission of PACS also includes education, there is a strong wish to create ‘how to’ videos and also ‘a day in the life’ stories to show the work that PACS do to the world and also to help others to care for animals properly.

If you are interessted in becoming a virtual volunteer for PACS just message Helenfrom PACS at or:

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If you like to proof your skills in a little animal hospital where your know-how is really needed, you are in the right place by PACS. You can have vacation feeling on a tropical island while using your skills to help the stray animals.

PACS is looking for experienced veterinarians who are qualified to work in Thailand. The main task of this position will be neutering, so that PACS can continue their humane population control efforts.


Unfortunately animals don’t know about birth control, and with female cats and dogs able to become pregnant from as young as 5 months old, with litters of an average 6 young, the dog and cat populations are out of control.

By donating a small monthly sum, you can help PACS to reach their goal of hiring a veterinarian.
You can donate via PayPal in any currency or choose to set up a regular bank transfer to our UK or Thai accounts.

To get an insight of the detailed use of donations, please visit:

Also single donation help a lot to cover all daily expenses and will be rewarded with little perks.

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Bank transfers can be done to any of the following bank accounts of PACS.
Please contact PACS to claim your perk to get a personal thank you!

[tabs title=”Bank Accounts”] [tab title=”Thailand”]
Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited
Name: PhaNgan Animal Care
Account: 657-2 09890-9
Branch: 657 Koh PhaNgan Sub Branch
Address: 44/63 Mu 1 TB. Koh Phangan AP. Koh Phangan Suratthani 84280
telex transfer: 20142 Siam IBD TH
Swiff Code: SI CO TH BK[/tab]
[tab title=”Hongkok”]
Name: Ms Gallwey Shevaun Moyra
Account Number: 457-1-039272
Bank Code: 004
Address: 41 Ma Tau Wai Rd, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong[/tab]
[tab title=”United Kingdom”]
Name: Ms S. M. Gallwey
Sort Code: 40-44-39
Account Number: 61556762
International Account Number: GB50MIDL40443961556762
Branch Identifier Code: MIDLGB2160K
[/tab] [/tabs]

Want a furry friend?

Phangan Animal Care is a nursing clinic and as such, PACS is not able to shelter healthy animals on an ongoing basis. Whether you are looking for a cat or a dog, the perfect pet is wating for you. There’s no love like the love you will get from a rescue animal. It’s as though these animals know and appreciate the second chance their forever home has given them, a life away from hunger, away from fighting for territory, food and shelter. Have a look at all the lovely beings:




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  • Shevaun Gallwey
    Posted 29. May 2017 13:17 0Likes Reply

    Thank you so much for this!
    Please everyone – help PACS in whatever way you can – their work is vital to the island’s animals!
    Just to clarify on the background – before PACS, the only neutering was a government vet once a year (not Samui), & the culling for population control was by strychnine poisoning & darting, not shooting.

  • sandra
    Posted 6. June 2017 0:04 0Likes Reply

    Dear Shevaun,
    I was really touched by all the great work PACS is doing to help stray animals on Koh Phangan and can personally recommend to visit and support PACS. You did an incredible job in founding the first animal hospital on the island, so you have my total admiration and appreciation.
    People like you are rolemodels to realize change and minimize suffering, so thank you for all your effort you but in PACS.

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