Jiwa Damai can be described as a unique place which offers a holistic concept to get in touch with nature, learn, and experience inner growth. You will find here a hands-on, socially responsible prermaculture garden and retreat center. It is a meeting place for people from all over the world who are searching for a place for inner growth, volunteer at interesting projects & learn about permaculture.

This bloomy place is located in the heart of Bali (20 mins from Ubud) and provides an idyllic, powerful environment where visitors can experience tranquility and re-connect to the earth. With daily yoga and meditation classes, as well as different seminars and workshops focused on self-development, guests and also all volunteers can go deep in themselfs while feeling the connection with nature through garden work.

The founder Dr. Margret Rueffler who is an acupuncturist, transpersonal psychologist and a certified Permaculture Designer, created this place with the vision to introduce and teach the inner values of consciousness of joy, empowerment, choice, and self-help which lead to a deep change in the quality of life. This complex concept offers a total integration of all life aspects, as well as many opportunities to learn.

It’s not easy to measure the well made network of all fields of life you find at Jiwa Damai- as soon as you visit this place you will.




Suitable to the important aspect of inner growth and life balance, permaculture is the perfect partner for this program. Permaculture is a design system of creating a sustainable, balanced environment in alignment with nature and community. Jiwadamais vision is to create a self-sustaining center, integrating biological permaculture with water preservation, waste recycling and solar energy. At the garden local  Balinese staff are working together with all volunteers to sustain the garden, and produce organic products like virgin coconut oil and dried foods. No machine or chemical fertilizers are used and all plants and trees are cared by hand. Set in a tropical region with much sun, surrounded by protective coconut palm trees, the grown fruit and veggies contain very high energetic-nutritional values.

Here you find more information about Jiwa Damais permaculture garden: http://www.jiwadamai.net/jiwadamaigarden/

Lagu Damai non-profit foundation

Jiwa Damai involves also a social & educational non-profit organisation called Lagu Damai, which offers in addition interesting projects in the fields of:

  • Community
  • Sponsoring local Balinese youths for high school and university
  • Eight-year project in four youth detention centers in Bali and Java, training youths and staff using an empowering approach
  • Planning and implementing a shelter for youths in Java after release from youth correction institution (in cooperation with Dept. of Psychology Ubaya University in Surabaya, Java)

A recent project starting in July, is an earthship inspiried building where volunteers are invited to join. There will be a lot of individual experiences, learning about earthship construction, sharing, living communally, building links with a different language, culture, and local people. To find out more check out: http://www.jiwadamai.net/earthship-inspired-building-workshop

Working as a Volunteer at Jiwadamai

To get an insight how Volunteers are experinece the work at Jiwa Damai permaculture garden and Lagu Damai foundation, you find here the aditonal full length interviews which are not inculded in the video above:


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