Cat Beach Sanctuary provides a home for nearly 200 rescued cats in a small fishing village known as “Teluk Bahang,” in the northwest corner of Penang island in Malaysia. A “Zero Strays Policy” went into effect in July 2014 for Penang state. This means rescued cats from the streets should not be returned to their home colonies after their recovery. Since there where no resources inn placee to keep this beings long-term, a small group of cat-loving volunteers decided in 2014 to set up a sanctuary for cats – Cat Beach.

Here all cats find a place to recharge their batteries and receive health care after a rough time on the streets. Visitors are always welcome to hang out for an after-noon with the cats, and enjoy a nice time out by the beach. On weekends you will also find the “Cat Cafe” to eat fresh cake, drink coffee, enjoy the sun and play with the cats.

cat beach animal sanctuary

Big goals for the sanctuary are a propper nursery place for kittens and momcats, and an Infirmary for sick and injured cats, to provide better health care and also a place for sterilisation and vaccination. In order to control the number of strays and reduce the suffering taking place on the streets, sterilisation is the only way to fight the source of the problem instead of the symptoms. This would be the biggest game changer to minimize the number of homeless and ill strays, but only possible with support from outside – that’s why Cat Beach needs you!

How can I help?

There are many ways to support this sanctuary with their work. Since Cat Beach is still in its building up phase, they need financial and volunteer support to improve the facility standards .

As an ‘all-volunteer’ Sanctuary, Cat Beach depend on volunteers to keep the place running smoothly.
The expected work hours are about 4 – 5 daily, to avoid overworking and volunteers have also the possibility to see more of fascinating Penang. The work itself can be divided between the daily routine (including medicalcare, feeding and cleaning) and projects. The projects are varied and are depend on time and support from volunteers. In the past amazing improvements of the facility have been realized by the initiative of volunteers  —  so there is space for creativity. The projects really are down to the skills and interests of the volunteers and the current needs of the cats and the building.

There are many different tasks volunteers can choose from to fit their skills and interests:

  • feeding
  • medicine care
  • house cleaning
  • outreach work (to the schools or community to get cats adopted or donors)
  • construction work to improve the facilites (cages and the house itself)
  • garden work
  • computer work
  • administration work
  • media creation (photography, video taking care of the instagram channel)

Also accomondation is provided right at the sanctuary where volunteers have close contact to the cats as well as access to the beach. Being at the beach on a tropical island surrounded by cute cats- could be worse right?

To find out more details about the volunteer program, check out the website of Cat Beach.


Like mentioned above a new space for an Infirmary where an on-site veterinarian can operate would be a great advantage in order to help the stray cats and to control the population. Beside there are of course fixed expenses which need to be covered. To get an insight of the operating budget which is needed to run the daily business you can click here. All your donations are going directly to the sanctuary and then of course, to the cats.
If you are interesetd in donating you have 3 possibilities: gofundme, paypal and direct deposits.

For direct deposits please use this bank account:
CIMB Bank Malaysia Account # 7063481337 (Mohd Iqbal bin Zainal)
The sanctuary is always happy to get notice via email or whats app about donations, so they can thank every contributer.

Need a furry friend?

Since cats are not allowed to go back on the streets to their home colonies, adoption is one important aspect to help. If you are not familiar with taking care of a cat, here you will find a checklist to help you with the first steps to give your new friend an easy welcome.

The CAT-a-log

Are there adoption requirements?
There are a no big counter-arguments keeping you away from your new mate. You simply have to:
1. Fill out A Signed Form — a simple agreement promising that you will give good care of your cat.
2. Bring a Carry Case or Cage
3. Make a Vet Appointment — for health assessment and vaccination.
For people abroad who are willing to adopt, Cat Beach will provide support with transportation recommendations and help to meet government and international travel requirements, to send your pet to your home country.

If you are interested to know more about adoption possibilities, reach out to Cat Beach:
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